We have developed the first crypto Options exchange.

Our core project Deribit

Deribit is among the most prominent cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges globally and the leading options platform by volume and open interest.



Deribit platform is built using Erlang programing language, ensuring the highest performance standards for high-frequency trading. The Deribit matching engine and risk engine - a vital part of any derivatives exchange, can process thousands of orders per second and hundreds of orders per second from a single account. The average latency in the matching engine and risk engine is under 2.0 ms.


Deribit UI has been built using an API driven solution to optimize the data-heavy platform performance and ensure faster loading times, maximum speed and scalability. The modular UI boosts user engagement levels and has been designed with advanced UX in mind. Regular and timely functional testing is done to ensure the security and uninterrupted performance of the platform.


Deribit offers multiple market data and portfolio analysis tools to fit their customer trading needs. The tools use vast stores of data to allow for easy data visualization, modelling and predictive analysis. Examples of those tools are Metrics and Position Builder.

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